LED Dash Controls

**Please read the description below for ordering instructions**

From $0.00

Main Backlight Color Option
Indicator Color Option
Start Button Modification
Start Button Backlight Color Option
Hazard Switch Modification
Hazard Switch Backlight Color Option
Climate (A/C) Control Switch Modification
Climate (A/C) Control Upper Icon Dial Color Option
(Must be red)
Backlight Color - Red Icons (No Options)
Climate (A/C) Control Lower Temperature Dial Color Option
(Must be blue to red)
Backlight Color - Blue to Red (No Options)
Audio Control Switch Modification
Cruise Control Switch Modification
Foglamp Switch Modification
Headlamp Washer Switch Modification
VSA Switch Modification
Defroster Switch Modification
Roof Switch Modification
Passenger Airbag Indicator Modification
Installation Method


There are three steps to ordering the LED Dash Controls Product

  1.  Choose your colors – Choose your main backlight color, indicator light color, start button backlight color and hazard button backlight color.  The Climate Control icon dial and temperature dial only allow one option.
  2. Choose which switches you need modified – You must already own the switches you need modified in order to purchase this product.  The prices shown are not for physical switches, only the LED modification of the switches.  If you want to purchase switches without sending your originals, please contact us for buying options.
  3. Choose your installation method – The product is available in a “Send Your Core” version and a “Core Exchange” option.  Please select the “Installation Options” tab for more info.

For example, if your vehicle has a Start Button, Audio Control, Climate Control, but no VSA switch, your order would include….

  • Main Backlight Color Option – White ($0)
  • Indicator Light Color Option – Stock ($0)
  • Start Button Modification – Yes ($25)
  • Start Button Backlight Color Option – Red ($0)
  • Climate Control Switch Modification – YES – Left Hand Drive ($75)
  • Climate (A/C) Control Upper Icon Dial Color Option – Red Icons (No Options) ($0)
  • Climate (A/C) Control Lower Temperature Dial Color Option – Blue to Red (No Options ($0)
  • Audio Control Switch Modification – YES – Left Hand Drive ($50)
  • VSA Switch Modification – No thanks, I don’t need this option ($0)

Total cost would be $150 for the modification of the switches.

Finally, if your vehicle is your daily driver and you do not want any downtime, you would choose the “Core Exchange” installation method.

  • Installation Option – Core Exchange (+$300 Deposit)

This would make your total up front payment $450, with $300 coming back to you once the core exchange process is completed.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 5 in

Product Info

The LED Dash Control solution is not a simple bulb swap, as each piece of the S2000 interior requires separate adjustment and tuning in order to achieve a uniform, OEM quality final result.

Make sure to select all appropriate options for your vehicle.

Installation Options

1) The Send Your Core version is the best option if you would like to keep your own parts.  Because you are using your own core for this process, there is no need to wait for one of our cores to become available (no waitlist) and no core exchange deposit.

3) The Core Exchange version is the best option if you cannot have any downtime with your vehicle.  This process begins with us sending you parts built to your order specification. Once you receive the parts, install them in your vehicle. Finish the process by sending us your original parts.

Because you are using one of our cores for this process, a core deposit fee is required, and will be fully refunded as long as your original parts are received in fair or better condition.

This product is not available in a Do It Yourself options as it is very labor intensive and requires hand-tuning of each piece.

Shipping Info

All our products ship from sunny Southern California.  Shipping rates and times will vary based on location and product weight.

We ship our products worldwide, and stock all regional variations of our products.

All LED Dash Control products are made to order and can take up to 7-10 days to ship.

Returns & Refunds

We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer a 100% guarantee on the quality of our products and services. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, you may request a refund.
If one of our products malfunctions for any reason, aside from physical damage, within 6 months of purchase, it will be immediately taken care of at no cost to you. Simply send it back and it will be either fixed or replaced and returned to you as soon as humanly possible along with a full reimbursement for your shipping costs.