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User "MajorHavoc" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

If you have an aftermarket radio you NEED this!!!!!
I have Qube's Audio Control and I could not live without it!!
No joke!! This makes your stereo SO much more enjoyable!!!

As far as install, this is much easier than installing a radio. It really
is fairly basic!! The instructions make it look more complicated than it really is!!

User "imaki" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

I just finished installing the DJ Qube mod and I am extremely pleased. It is the best thing I have done for my car yet (although I haven't done much). I upgraded my HU about a couple of months ago on my 02 SB. At the same time I installed the SWI-X. I was never happy with the SWI-X. I couldn't get the mode button to work at all with any of the included resistors, and the delay on it was aweful.

Now with the DJQube Mod there is no delay at all and the mode button has four functions. Really good stuff. Installation was quite easy. It took me from about 5:30 to 8:30 to install the DJ Qube Mod and the lucid rear panel speakers (with a dinner break). Luckily, I got to do it all in one step as Qube had an extra control unit he made for me (and delivered it to my place as well). He showed up when I had pieces everywhere, we tested and then I put everything back together.

I took a quick drive and was very pleased. It is probably the first time I have had my HU door up since I installed the stereo. Very good mod, and highly recommended.

User "socal28" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

Damn, this thing is awesome. Saw it in person at our Annual Socal meet on Aug 31.
Makes me think about going out and getting an aftermarket stereo now!

User "Asura" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

This is a great mod. I don't even open the radio door anymore.

User "aaric" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

got mine and installed it...works wonderfull.
better than stock, and works with my aftermarket deck...
I Highly recommend picking one of these up for your aftermarket deck.

User "JynxedRacing" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

I have had this audio mod in my car for about 2 months and it is absolutely the best mod in my car. It is so enjoyable to have my dash controls back. For the two months I have had no problems and I especially enjoy being able to control my Pioneer DEH-940MP with the radio cover CLOSED!!!

I have to thank DJ Qube for this great mod again and apologize for this late review!!!

This mod gets 10/10 stars from me...

User "blxmjx" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

Big thumbsup for this mod. I sent my stock audio control on a Friday, the next Thursday Dj Qube pm's me telling me the unit is done. I then receive the modified unit via overnight service the following day. I proceed to install the unit. Install is straightforward and could be done in less than 30minutes w/out breaking a sweat. I installed mine in about 30 minutes while working at a leisurely pace. The mod works great, just like it should from the factory. No delay noticed and the button feel of the toggle is very solid and responsive. I wouldn't hesitate doing this mod again.

User "PAS2KNut" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

Received my controller yesterday and installed it last night. The install is very easy and the unit works flawlessly. I highly recommend this mod for anyone with an aftermarket headunit. It is simply awesome! Thanks again Art. User "Kolar1" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

I just installed My DJ Cube audio controller. It was a straight forward install, the directions are excellent.
The unit works as advertised, in other words it is great!!!

User "RyanITV" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

Art, you're a genius!!! The audio control, hands down, is one of the coolest mods to my car yet!

To anyone considering one of these, you won't be dissapointed: quality is first rate, Art's support and followup were great, the install instructions are easy to follow and best of all, you can't tell anything's changed when looking in the car. The first time you want to go back to the previous song or fast forward through an intro, you realize how much better the control is than the stock setup.

Thanks again!

User "PhilH" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

I just had Qube's mod done to my audio controls. It works flawlessly. The integration of the stock controller and the aftermarket head unit is as if it were meant to be. I don't have to fart around with the tiny buttons on the head unit face anymore. The work is top notch and the time it took him to do it was very short. If you are considering having this done, waste NO more time. Send it to him.

User "darkknight1999" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

Well I got my unit....and I must say it looks sweet!! I can't wait to use it!!

I will post a few pics later on.
Top quality work, and craftsmanship!

Thanks Art!!

User "Soulstice" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

Just had this audio control mod installed last weekend and wanted to share my opinion of the product. IMO, this little mod is probably the best non-performance upgrade you can give your car.

- Added functionality
- 4 way button feels very natural (like OEM)
- No programming
- No delays at all
- Installation is a no brainer
- Art is a great guy to deal with and is very accommodating to your needs
- It looks 100% stock

- You lose your headunit remote (no biggie for a 2 seater)
- Mute button doesn't light up.

Very highly recommended upgrade for anyone going with an aftermarket headunit....it's truly a work of "Art".

User "ChiefMuckyMuck" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

Thanks Art!

The core exchange program worked great!

I forgot to start the stopwatch at the beginning of the project but it went much much smoother and took way less time than I had expected.

As a person who has built custom electronics for IASCA competition years ago, I can appreciate the job well done here!

I would not hesitate to recommend this product.

User "StknCaS2k" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

I just received my controller from DJ Qube today, and I was able to pull my old controller and install the new one in approximately 1 1/2 hours (excellent instructions)! The controller works flawlessly with my alpine 9815 HU. The added functionality over the OEM controls is awesome:dance2:

Art (DJ Qube) responded to all of my e-mails/PM's/Questions in a prompt and professional manner.

This Controller rocks, and I highly recommend it to anyone with an aftermarket HU!

User "StknCaS2k" from s2ki.com on Qube's Audio Control

I have the Dj Qube controller and the Alpine 9815. I absolutely love this controller and its ease of use. If you have the 9815, you'll love the added convenience of being able to toggle through your MP3 folders and song lists. The only drawbacks are; the higher cost vs. the other controllers, and the installation is a little more difficult. It took me 1 hour to carefully remove my old controller following Qube's on-line instructions, and about 1 1/2 hours to install the new controller (but I am no car audio installater guru). However, if I had to do it again I would still get the Dj Qube controller!